• How Can We Dominate Search Results?

    This is a question that I hear often. Business owners will tell me that they invested money in having a website created, but have little to show for it. If they’re lucky, they may get one lead a year from their website. If you search online for the product or service they offer, they’re nowhere to be found in the search results. They may want to dominate the search results, but their first problem is appearing in the search results. It’s no wonder small businesses are frustrated with their Internet presence (or lack thereof). (more…)

  • Internet Presence Marketing Launches New Website for Pragmatix, Inc.

    Internet Presence Marketing has launched a new website for Pragmatix, Inc., a full-service IT (Information Technology) services firm located in Westchester County, NY. (more…)

  • Why Doesn’t Our Marketing Work?

    What is marketing? Marketing is the process of introducing your brand to the people who need what you’re selling. The purpose of marketing is to influence the people who need what you’re selling to buy from you instead of from your competitor. How often should a business market itself? Always. A business should always be marketing itself. (more…)