• How to Take Advantage of the Changes in Buyers’ Online Behavior

    Are you prepared to take advantage of changes in buyers’ online behavior?

    Marketing has traditionally been passive. You create an advertisement for your business, and you place it in a magazine. You create a commercial for your business, and you run it on television or the radio. You write a direct mail campaign (letter, postcard, etc.), and you send it to a rented mailing list. Each of these is an example of a traditional marketing effort. (more…)

  • What’s Working Today in Internet Presence Marketing?

    The constantly expanding number of websites out there, the growing “noise” online of those vying for attention, and the ever-changing habits and behaviors of those who represent your target prospects, all combine to make Internet marketing more challenging than ever. Yet the opportunity to differentiate yourself and your business from others still exists, and the upside potential of doing so correctly is enormous. (more…)