• Now That Social Media is for Sale, How Do You Build Your Brand?

    With the introduction of start-ups such as Pay with a Tweet, which touts itself as the first social payment system, it’s clear that social media is now for sale. Pay with a Tweet (and others) gives companies the ability to make their products or services available to those who tweet about them or otherwise promote them on social media. (more…)

  • What is “Cookies for the Blind Man”?

    Several years ago, while I was working for a company 75 miles away from where I lived, I found myself having dinner one night at a restaurant I’d been to many times before. At the end of the meal, the waiter brought the bill, along with a small plate of delicious Italian cookies to accompany the espresso I ordered. As I glanced down at the bill to pay it, I realized that I couldn’t read it. So I reached for the reading glasses that I had begun to carry with me a few years earlier. “Ugh, I’m so blind,” I thought to myself, now hating the fact that I couldn’t read from a restaurant menu or pay the check at the end of the evening without my reading glasses. And then the strangest thought came to me… “Cookies for the blind man,” I thought. They’ve brought cookies for the blind man. (more…)