• I’ve Got My Eye on You!

    Give thought to helping another person — why is being mindful important?

    Being mindful of others doesn’t sound like the quickest path to success — but it is the best path toward building a business with a solid foundation. (more…)

  • Are Search Engines Dead?

    Six months ago, I wrote a blog article titled “The Death of SEO” — it was based on my observation that Millennials and other young people were turning away from Google and search engines, instead using social media to find information and make buying decisions… (more…)

  • 3 Secrets to Selling

    Here, I am offering the three secrets to selling that I believe will allow you to distinguish yourself and be successful in sales. These are guiding principles that I use every day now — principles that it took me four decades to learn. They have changed my life! (more…)