3 Secrets to Selling

Here, I am offering the three secrets to selling that I believe will allow you to distinguish yourself and be successful in sales. These are guiding principles that I use every day now — principles that it took me four decades to learn. They have changed my life!

The Background

Whether you are working for a large company, a small company, or maybe you are in business for yourself, there’s one thing that you always must remember – each of us is selling something, each and every day.

It’s easy to agree with that statement if you happen to work in sales – but how does that statement apply if you’re not?

To understand the statement, you must first understand that in any job, we are “selling” ourselves to our employers and the people all around us. Each of us, no matter our position or job title, must convey value to the company that’s paying our salary – otherwise, we may find ourselves out of a job!

So, for this reason, I say that “selling” takes place every day, sometimes without our realizing it.

Some people are more successful at selling than others. They seem to get all the breaks.

Why is that?

What do those people have that we do not?? …




Andrew Lehrfeld

Andrew Lehrfeld

Managing Member at Internet Presence LLC
Andrew (Andy) Lehrfeld is a classically-trained Direct Marketer. His background in Communications, Marketing, Sales, Applied Writing, and Public Speaking helps organizations nurture strong relationships with their clients and others. He has 40 years' experience working with business owners worldwide. He is the founder of Internet Presence LLC, a digital marketing agency that builds websites, social media, and other online platforms that help companies engage with customers and prospects.
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