Capital NanoTechnology Chooses Internet Presence to Launch “CataCoat nano TiO2”

Capital NanoTechnology LLC, a provider of non-toxic solutions to problems of odor, cleanliness, and bacteria utilizing titanium dioxide-based technology, has chosen Internet Presence LLC to develop and launch an online presence and website for its “CataCoat nano TiO2” patented line of titanium dioxide (TiO2) products.

CataCoat nano TiO2 can help companies in a wide range of industries find optimal solutions to reducing indoor odors/VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), preserving external surfaces in pristine condition, and controlling industrial emissions. CataCoat will safely and permanently eliminate all smoking odors from a room in as little as one day; banish mold, mildew, and grime buildup from exterior surfaces; keep exterior paint, awnings and expensive drapes from deteriorating; keep wading pools, fountains and decorative waterfalls algae-free; and more. The uses for CataCoat nano TiO2 are virtually limitless.

Capital NanoTechnology LLC has deep industry experience in commercial real estate, power, petrochemicals, refining, mining, landfill gas, renewable energy (including wind and solar), as well as waste water treatment.

Internet Presence LLC specializes in developing online presence for businesses, organizations, and individuals, including website design, social media, reputation management, and more.

To learn more about our services, call (203) 548-0070 or contact us online.

Andrew Lehrfeld

Andrew Lehrfeld

Managing Member at Internet Presence LLC
Andrew (Andy) Lehrfeld is a classically-trained Direct Marketer. His background in Communications, Marketing, Sales, Applied Writing, and Public Speaking helps organizations nurture strong relationships with their clients and others. He has 40 years' experience working with business owners worldwide. He is the founder of Internet Presence LLC, a digital marketing agency that builds websites, social media, and other online platforms that help companies engage with customers and prospects.
Andrew Lehrfeld

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